November 09, 2011


We have already reported that 9 songs from Madonna's next album were already recorded. We've also told you the names of two of them: "Give Me All Your Love" and "Girls Gone Wild", but now we can tell you that "Bang Bang" is the third.

"Bang Bang", co-produced by William Orbit, is a mid-tempo track with a 'certain nostalgic mood' that would be perfect as the closing song of an album.

The song is not dance but rather electronic pop with an updated version of Orbit's signature style, including a sampled synth piano. The lyrics this time seem to be rather intimate and dramatic, especially on this one song.

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Here's a description of the song:

Madonna talks about meeting someone at the late show and how it was dangerous to sit so close to the man.
She wonders how she ended up with her hand on the barrel of a gun and wants him to pay for the pain he caused.
Madonna uses the words “bitch” many times and repeats the words “bang” and “boom” a few times.
She talks about losing her mind and metaphorically accuses the guy of buidling her coffin and driving the hearse where her body rests.
Madonna talks about keeping her enemies close, never looking back but wonders how he ended up winning.
She explains some love stories are just too good to be true, saying she’s a fool who’s been tricked up and shut down.
In the chorus she admits that she realizes she’s more unstable than he is.
She says she’s not her brother, lover nor her friend but that it’s over now and that he appears like this whole different person, very successful and well adored.
Now her reputation is down, her blood is in his dixie cup.
At the end, we wonder if she really shot him, because the song ends with Madonna yelling that she got him and shot him.

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