December 21, 2011


We have already told you the names of 4 songs from Madonna's next album: "Gimme all your luvin’" (ex "Give Me All Your Love"), "Bang Bang", "Masterpiece", and "Girls Gone Wild", but now we can tell you that "Turn Up the Radio" is the fifth.

"Turn Up the Radio", produced by Martin Solveig, is a very "remixable" uptempo dance-pop track which is already being considered as a second or third single for the album.

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Carlos Quintanilla Ramos/Faceebok said...

Madonna my love ...I think this year was very positive for you in your career and your life as well...and you have avery creative talent.. you have much to do and to give...I and your fans will support you always because I love you...we love you..!!Merry Christmas you too!! I send many are in my mind and always think of you..

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