November 03, 2011


William Orbit posted a rather long message on his Facebook wall ( sharing his thoughts, feelings and memories of the weeks he spent on the studio in New York.

Here what he had to say:
"I’m at the Virgin Atlantic lounge at JFK. Ready to crash right out on my night flight to London. On a bed. Feels like a heck of a lot has been achieved. Wish I could say more but you know, mums’s the word. For now. Won’t be long and all will be revealed. And more than just the specific project that has got a lot of you buzzing.
I’ll be honest, am feeling a little burnt out tonight. After these intense weeks. But I’ll be right back on it after a couple of good night’s sleep and a few bevvies with friends + family at the Groucho.
Looking forward to rotating back to the real world. It’s rather an unreal life bubble. Recording Studios, edit suites, hotels, airports, plane cabins, car services. All running 24 hours. As if the cycle of day and night did not exist. Soon I’ll take a step out into the wild natural world and feel the season. Breathe the winter air and absorb the silence (and not the absolute silence of the studio, but the silence of the animal kingdom, dreaming).
But MSR has been great studio to work in. Situated in a side street just off the bright lights of Times square. A nondescript door above a dilapidated music shop that opens onto a warren of studios, coridors and unused spaces. Three old buildings welded together in the heart of mid-town Manhattan, only half of the space being used (stumbled into an derelict strip club the other day when I was exploring the building) Working through the night. Bass pounding at times enough to lift the chair off the floor. Or total silence apart from the clicking of computer keys.
Am being a bit rambling now as I sit here, with a couple of beers, and a Jameson, with Alan, my trusty PA and good friend, looking forward to getting back home. He’s sorted out the shipping, freight, paperwork, transportation, in conjunction with AAM, and I’m in zombie mode. Him too, really, as our mission for the moment is done., We’re’ghost’ as our engineer, Demo, put it. ‘Thousand yard stare’. But feeling like that we’ve part of a special moment in all of our careers. Including M’s. Who, I have to say has amazed me anew in unexpected ways during the last few months.
It was great earlier tonight to head downtown and see all the wonderful folk at my management company (AAM). Andy Kipnes (my manager) and Ross Donadio also discussed with me my new Strange Cargo album which is all but finished. And some other song projects that I will pick up one once M’s and my new album are mastered at the end of this month
So over and out now for a while. Offline for a couple of days.
Btw. Who’s going to be in Las Vegas at New Years?
I’ve booked the Studio at Palms Casino, Las Vegas again this year. Witrh Jean Baptiste, Priscilla Renea, Swedish House Mafia, and other friends and songwriting pals. For a week of partying and writing. Just like the week we had last new-years, which kicked everything off.
They’re calling my flight now
See you all again soon!

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